2015-2016 Spirit of Peace UCC Board of directors

In addition to Pastor Dave, our Board of Directors is made up of our Executive Committee (including Moderator, Vice Moderator, Past Moderator, Secretary and Treasurer) as well as Chairpersons or Team Leads for the various ministries of our church.  Robert, our Youth Minister, and Linda, our Music Minister, also attend meetings as needed.  We typically meet once a month on Thursday evenings for a shared meal, spiritual reflection and the business of the church.  You are welcome to contact any of us at the email addresses listed here if you have any questions or would like more information about the Board of Directors or any of the church ministry teams.

  • Michele Williams, Moderator – 
  • Carolyn Hall, Vice Moderator – 
  • Craig Mohn, Past Moderator – 
  • Cynthia Figge, Treasurer – 
  • Cathy Thruelsen, Assistant Treasurer –   
  • Deborah McConnell, Secretary  -- 
  • Suzanne Duncan, Missions Ministry – 
  • Mary Doerrer, Worship & Music Ministry – 
  • Ethel Crosser, Community Care Ministry – 
  • Paula Harper-Christensen and Michelle Bunn, Community Life Ministry –  and  .
  • Dave Shull, Adult Faith Formation Ministry  -- 
  • Suzi Mohn and Liz Wentzien, Children and Youth Ministry –   and 
  • Glenn Hall, Communications Ministry –
  • Craig Mohn, Stewardship Ministry – 
  • Diana Kelsey-Kutas, At-large member – 
  • Bruce Wiggins, At-large member –   
  • Suzi Mohn, Webmaster –  , 425-941-6260