Getting to know Pastor Dave Shull...

Pastor Dave believes church should be a free and fearless place for people to be authentically themselves, so the living God can become real for them and they can know they are loved and have gifts that can heal this world. In addition to his work at Spirit of Peace UCC, he also works half-time at Recovery Cafe in Seattle, where he walks beside those who struggle with addiction, homelessness, and other mental health challenges.  Dave earned his divinity degree from Yale Divinity School, as well as a Master of Arts in social work at the University of Chicago. Prior to that, he studied political science at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. Having grown up the middle of three boys in Wooster, Ohio, Dave moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1994. In his free time, Dave loves to have long, conversation-filled meals, travel to developing countries, read, make and listen to music, and walk in new places.

A letter from Pastor Dave Shull

Dear Friends,

It’s really common to hear people say, “I’m spiritual, not religious.”  When I hear people say that, I ask what they mean. And they usually talk about “religion” in a way that has nothing to do with the community of people who gather each week as Spirit of Peace United Church of Christ.

For lots of people, “religion” means stuffy and strict and having to pretend you believe things you don’t.  For others, “religion” means singing songs that don’t sound anything like the songs we like to listen to.  For still others, “religion” is about saying women should obey men and GLBTQ people should become straight or stay away and stay silent.  At Spirit of Peace United Church of Christ, we reject that kind of “religion”. Because that kind of religion has nothing to do with the life and message of Jesus.

As the rest of our website expresses better than I can, we truly welcome all who come through our doors, whether believers, seekers, doubters, or a combination of any of those.  Every week in worship, when we say who we are, we say “we build a faith that asks questions and changes us”.  We don’t just accept people as they are, or just tolerate people as they are. God’s Spirit is so alive in us that we can truly celebrate people just as they are. We enjoy being together, we enjoy walking with each other through joy and grief, through confusion and newness, through doubt and through feeling Jesus more alive than we ever have.

At Spirit of Peace UCC, we try to make real the original meaning of “religion”. The root of “religion” is the same root of the word “ligament”. So re-ligion means to re-connect us to something we’ve been torn away from. All of us need healing because we’ve lost connection with something precious. We’ve lost contact with God or Jesus. We’ve lost contact with hope or meaning. We’ve lost contact with friends who gave us joy. We’ve lost a spouse or partner who reassured us we were lovable and good.  Spirit of Peace UCC is a community of people who want to help re-connect each other to the God who wants us to be fully alive. We walk with each other to bring us back to a place that is truly home.

Read the testimonies that appear in our website. People who have never felt at-home in a church, people who’ve never felt like a church was a free and fearless space where they could come as they were and be loved, have found Spirit of Peace UCC to be the place they didn’t know existed.  If you’d like to learn more about the church, please join us for worship any Sunday or contact me at or 206-725-3785 and we can get together for coffee and get to know each other a bit. 

Blessings,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Dave Shull

Meet Linda Srb, our Music Minister

Linda believes that music is a sacred element in which people can experience the holy. She selects music for worship based on the selected scriptures of the day, and believes that all types of music are “acceptable.” Linda works at creating a worship experience where the message in word and song are deeply connected. Linda received her degree in Music Education from Hastings College in Nebraska. She is also in the band "Meridienne" and performs at local bistros and coffee houses.  Linda's other interests include reading, hiking, sailing and getting together with friends.

Meet Robert Seybold, Our Children and Youth Minister

A person’s bio is not usually the most exciting thing to read when searching through a website. So let’s keep this simple. Here at Spirit of Peace, you won’t find perfection; far from it actually. What you will find, however, is an amazing group of people who strive to shed hypocrisy by living authentic lives. We are not your typical church. When we say all are welcome here, we truly mean ALL are welcome. Regardless of your religious background, ethnicity, gender, financial status, sexuality, or family dynamics, this is a place where you can be just who you are… no changing required.

With that said, we have a dynamic and incredibly fun youth and children’s program that is bound to captivate your students. Come and join us anytime for one of our many mission projects, our crazy fun Sunday afternoon adventures, or Bible Trivia on Starbucks Sunday!  There's never a dull moment!  I am always available for coffee or dinner to discuss how we might be of service to you and your family.  You can reach me at 425-891-3355 or via email at .

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