To Be surprised

You can expect to be surprised. We might not look very much like churches you've been in before. We meet in the Pine Lake Community Center. So there's no stained glass. There are no pews. No formal clothes being worn. There's nothing fancy or flashy at all. We're a small, vibrant faith community. It's kind of like how it was when Jesus and the people who followed him gathered together. We come as we are and trust that is more than good enough for God and for each other.

to be welcomed

You can expect people to welcome you without smothering you. We are grateful God brings new people to spend a Sunday morning with us, and we want to let you know that. Our greatest hope is that during your time with us you feel like you matter, and you feel the love we have for each other. We hope you feel how much we care about the health of this planet and the cries of this earth for justice and hope. We hope you feel that we are all on a journey together and we need new people to change us into more faithful followers of Jesus. We hope you leave worship knowing in a deeper place inside you that you are God's beloved.

to belong

And we hope if this feels like a place where we receive the God you bring through the door with you, a place you receive the God we have to share, and a place where you have a hunch you can find the healing, the challenges, the friendships, and the faith you are looking for, that you'll keep coming back.

Because no matter who you are or where you are on life's journey, you are welcome here.