A Message from Spirit of Peace...

It’s really common to hear people say, “I’m spiritual, not religious.” When people say that, it makes sense to ask what they mean. And they usually talk about “religion” in a way that has nothing to do with the community of people who gather each week as Spirit of Peace United Church of Christ.

For lots of people, “religion” means stuffy and strict and having to pretend you believe things you don’t. For others, “religion” means singing songs that don’t sound anything like the songs we like to listen to. For still others, “religion” is about saying women should obey men and GLBTQ people should become straight or stay away and stay silent. At Spirit of Peace United Church of Christ, we reject that kind of “religion”. Because that kind of religion has nothing to do with the life and message of Jesus.

As the rest of our website expresses, we truly welcome all who come through our doors, whether believers, seekers, doubters, or a combination of any of those. Every week in worship, when we say who we are, we say “we build a faith that asks questions and changes us”. We don’t just accept people as they are, or just tolerate people as they are. God’s Spirit is so alive in us that we can truly celebrate people just as they are. We enjoy being together, we enjoy walking with each other through joy and grief, through confusion and newness, through doubt and through feeling Jesus more alive than we ever have.

At Spirit of Peace UCC, we try to make real the original meaning of “religion”. The root of “religion” is the same root of the word “ligament”. So re-ligion means to re-connect us to something we’ve been torn away from. All of us need healing because we’ve lost connection with something precious. We’ve lost contact with God or Jesus. We’ve lost contact with hope or meaning. We’ve lost contact with friends who gave us joy. We’ve lost a spouse or partner who reassured us we were lovable and good. Spirit of Peace UCC is a community of people who want to help re-connect each other to the God who wants us to be fully alive. We walk with each other to bring us back to a place that is truly home.

Read the testimonies that appear in our website. People who have never felt at-home in a church, people who’ve never felt like a church was a free and fearless space where they could come as they were and be loved, have found Spirit of Peace UCC to be the place they didn’t know existed. If you’d like to learn more about the church, please join us for worship any Sunday.

Spirit of Peace United Church of Christ

is a progressive Christian community

where believers, seekers, and doubters of all ages

come together to share and live the love of Jesus Christ.

We welcome people just as they are.

We care for and pray for each other and the world around us.

Following Jesus in these ways,

we promote peace, justice, joy, and understanding

in everything we do.

All are welcome!

The Language of God from United Church of Christ on YouTube.

 Spirit of Peace United Church of Christ is a 501 (c) 3 organization.