If you ask most anyone around here why they choose to worship at Spirit of Peace, whether they have been coming here for years or have only just begun, you’ll likely hear a common refrain that goes something like, “I’ve never found a place like this before; I’ve never felt so unconditionally accepted, welcomed and loved; I seriously had given up on church until I came here…”

The truth is that each of us has been touched by, and changed by, this unique community that is Spirit of Peace United Church of Christ. And we strive to continue to be that safe place for others. 

So, if you are searching for an intimate, progressive, diverse, and open-hearted faith community on the eastside that welcomes believers, seekers and doubters, no matter who you are or where you are on life’s journey, we are here. 

If you are seeking to worship through music, the spoken word, prayer, or the stories our children share about their lives, we are here. 

If you are dreaming of planting a pea patch, joining a youth group, feeding the homeless, working for justice, or reaching out to at-risk families, we are here. 

If you are seeking a safe place to gather with others so you can ask questions, go deeper in your faith, and be met with unconditional love, acceptance and friendship, we are here. 

Come join us!