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All groups currently meeting on Zoom.


Spirit of Peace has had a book club for many years led by the Minister, usually choosing books related to faith, politics, and social justice. Some of our recent reads include: Caste: The Origins of Our Discontents by Isabel Wilkerson, Christ in Crisis by Jim Wallis, How to Lead When You Don’t Know Where You’re Going: Leading In a Liminal Season by Susan Beaumont, and Deep Denial: The Persistence of White Supremacy in United States History and Life by David Billings. During the social distancing time, the group meets digitally. Reach out to Pastor Jenn for up-to-date information about the current book and meeting times.

These small group experiences occur for four to eight weeks, twice a year. Growth Groups focus on different topics of spirituality and faith, supports the development of personal spiritual practices, and encourages deep relationship building. In the last year, we have had a Grief Group and a Queer Theology Growth Group. Reach out to Pastor Jenn to learn about the next opportunity to participate.

Optional Call To Action

Everyone is welcome to join either group, regardless of gender identity or gender expression.

The Men’s Group was formed several years ago with the realization that men in general, and especially retired men, have few, if any, deep, well-formed and sustaining relationships with other men. To help fill this need we meet from 10 to 12 p.m. every other Friday at the University House in Issaquah or via Zoom. Sometimes we have a pre-defined topic, share poetry or, more often, offer stories of our lives and discuss issues of the day. No matter the chatter, we thoroughly enjoy and cherish each other’s company.

The Women’s Group meet every other Friday morning at a local café or Zoom for one or two hours. The time corresponds to the Men’s Group meeting. During the social distancing time, the women have adjusted and meet digitally. The meetings have no leader, minutes, agenda or business. They are purely for conversation and social support and are very much appreciated by all. Since they meet during the day, this group is pretty much all retired women. Occasionally working women attend if they have a flexible schedule. There has been some interest in an evening group that working women could attend, but there has also been the common problem of working women not having the time to commit.

After each service, a group of church congregants have met with the pastor to discuss the day’s sermon more deeply. Generally, these meetings consist of around ten people and last about 30 minutes. These meetings give the participants the opportunity to ask questions of the pastor and others, provide feedback and enhance understanding of the sermon.

There is a Prayer Circle which meets via Zoom on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m. The 30-minute/once a week prayer circle gives our members a time to physically stretch, reflect and embrace the world and each other with prayers. We are able to share our deepest desires, fears and joys, all the while knowing that another person (or two or three or more) will continue to cover us and lift up the same prayer throughout the week. It is just one more way in which Spirit of Peace allows us to know we are loved and cared for by each other and God.

If you’d like to get to know others, both single or couples, in a more personal and intimate setting, you’ll love our small dinner groups!  We take turns meeting in homes and an average group is usually about seven to eight people.

Another meaningful way to connect is through service to others. Some of our current outreach projects include:

  • Issaquah Food & Clothing Bank
  • “Spirit of Peas” Pea Patch
  • Heroes for the Homeless
  • Feeding the Homeless
  • Heifer Project
  • Backpacks for Children
  • Camp Unity
  • Ethiopia Reads
  • Half the Sky Foundation
  • Issaquah Community Services
  • One Great Hour of Sharing

Our annual retreat used to be a small group gathering but is so much fun that it has since become a large group gathering! Typically held from Friday evening to Sunday noon on a weekend in March or April, we all come together for a few days of playful fun, singing, fantastic food, nature walks, youth activities and always inspiring and soul-enriching discussions. One of the annual highlights is our “No-Talent” show each Saturday night, which is often followed by more singing and silliness late into the night. Everyone is welcome!

If you want to know more about Spirit of Peace or just more about the United Church of Christ in general, ask about our Inquirers’ classes. Our pastor periodically leads groups of new visitors in a couple of afternoon sessions of food, fellowship and discussion about what we’re all about.  It’s a great opportunity to get to know some other new visitors and members as well as those who’ve been around for awhile!


At Spirit of Peace UCC, our Choir is open to anyone, of any age, with any talent…if you love to sing or play an instrument, we have a place for you!